Workshop Facilitation &
Mastermind Retreats

Is your organization struggling to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace, or with understanding how to maximize its greatest potential? Do you need clear high-level guidance on how to prepare for and harness opportunities right now or to improve communication and collaboration within your team? Engage James to facilitate a workshop facilitation or retreat for your business or board of directors. He is a brilliant facilitator and can guide your team to identify challenges, get clear on its mission, and unharness lucrative opportunities and opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Retreats range from one to five days. They are intense mastermind sessions that include identification of self-limiting approaches, behaviors and mindsets, while focusing on strategic growth, new approaches, best practices, emotional intelligence, relationship and communication enhancement, and marketplace differentiation, etc. Contact to learn about our exceptional references.

Confidential Strategic Advisor &
Executive Coach

James serves as the “secret weapon” private strategic advisor and behind-the-scenes executive coach to successful C-suite executives, Presidents, and business owners. He has helped highly accomplished professionals to further advance their careers and lives by opening their eyes to unharnessed potential and opportunities, which has resulted in personal, professional, and financial development beyond their wildest dreams. 

James has created highly successful businesses himself, has consulted to companies ranging in size from prospering small businesses to the Fortune 500, and is equipped with the strategic mindset to help take you and your business to the next level and beyond. Obviously, James’ availability for this kind of intense work is limited, so please inquire by clicking here.

Private Coaching

Want to get the swag back in your life? Want to take your journey to a whole new level?James works with a few select clients on a private one-on-one basis annually. Depending upon budget, James is available to meet via Skype, telephone, or in person at a client’s office or home. He also hosts select clients for private weekend intensive retreats on the grounds of his estate with a private chef in Austin. These retreats include yoga, deep breathing exercises, visualization exercises, life-mapping, and a course on strengthening strengths. It will reset your life and take your success journey to a whole ‘nother level! Contact us today to discuss.

Hire James as Your
Millionaire Mindset Advisor

Longing for deeper meaning in life? Have you achieved great wealth or appear to have it all, but are truly empty on the inside? Does your wealth feel more like a curse than a blessing? Or, on the other hand, are you struggling with getting your mindset to a higher level of consciousness to create greater wealth and purpose in your life? Do any of these struggles leave you feeling unfit, unhappy, unfulfilled, or unpurposeful?

Allow James to assist you on the pathway to getting clear on how you can have great “life worth” as well as “net worth”. Get ready to feel wealthy the inside and the outside. Whether you are a multi-millionaire, or aspiring millionaire, James has privately counseled and coached individuals who are either struggling with empty wealth syndrome, or with poverty consciousness in order to create the best, most fulfilled version of themselves. He can help you with his groundbreaking approaches that guide you to create the life of your dreams. You too can have it all, but it begins with doing the work and trusting this amazing process.

"The world only cares about results. Let's make them happen together."